• A. Commercial Law

    • Company, JV, branch or liaison office incorporation and registration in Turkey
    • Preparation of the articles of association and shareholders agreements
    • Business restructuring, liquidation and termination
    • Compliance advice in legal matters regarding Corporate Governance principles
    • Management of day-to-day practices of companies (convening general assemblies, directors’ meetings, preparing board resolutions, managing the rights and duties of shareholders)
    • Preparation, review and negotiation of commercial contracts and arrangements
    • Legal advice in share purchase and transfer processes 
    • Legal Due Diligence services
    • Legal advice in PPPs and Privatisations
    • Legal advice in IPOs


    B. Mergers and Acquisitions

    • Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Legal Due Diligence services
    • Preparation, review and negotiation of Share Purchase Agreements and Shareholders Agreements
    • Establishment of consortia and joint ventures
    • Legal advice in Private Equity and Venture Capital transactions
    • Legal advice in Spin-offs, Management Buy-Outs (MBOs) and other complex transactions
    • Debt Restructuring


    C. Labour Law

    • Dispute resolution and litigation in labour law related matters
    • Preparation and negotiation of employment agreements
    • Termination of individual and collective employment agreements    
    • Legal advice regarding compliance matters in terms of workplace and employee safety
    • Legal advice in subcontracting practices
    • Management of relations with labour unions    
    • Legal advice regarding rights and duties of employers and employees
    • Legal advice in receivable claims and other related matters

    D. Competition and Antitrust Law

    • Legal consultancy in merger control matters, preparation and submission of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures notifications to the Turkish Competition Authority in accordance with Turkish Notification Requirements, representation of clients before the Turkish Competition Board during the notification process of mergers and acquisitions
    • Review and examination of clients’ manufacturing, distributorship, licensing, franchising contracts with third parties in terms of competition law requirements
    • Representation of clients as defendants and claimants in antitrust investigations launched by the Turkish Competition Board and representation of clients before the Council of State in all phases of litigation and appeal proceedings of the Turkish Competition Board’s decisions
    • General legal advisory regarding competition law compliance matters
    • Legal advice to and representation of domestic and foreign companies, including producers, exporters and importers, in antidumping, antisubsidy, safeguard investigations and other matters related to international trade remedies 
  • A. Litigation and Arbitration

    • Representation of clients in dispute resolution proceedings before domestic courts
    • Legal advice in amicable settlement of disputes
    • Arbitration (preparation and submission of arbitration claims, representation of clients during arbitration hearings)
    • Coordination and follow-up of domestic and international litigation and arbitration proceedings

    B. International Trade and Customs Disputes

    • Dispute resolution in customs and international trade law proceedings
    • Dispute resolution with respect to tax law proceedings
    • Representation of defendants and claimants in legal proceedings related to tax crimes and penalties
    • General compliance advice regarding tax law requirements
    • Legal consultancy regarding tax liabilities of company shareholders
    • Legal advice regarding documents and records to be prepared in accordance with tax law requirements

    C. Intellectual Property

    • Preparation, submission and follow-up of opposition proceedings before Turkish Trademark and Patent Institute
    • Initiation of and representation in infringement and annulment cases before competent courts 
    • Legal advice and representation in anti-counterfeiting proceedings, initiation of counterfeit product research, confiscation and investigation proceedings
    • Legal advice and representation in confiscation of counterfeit products before Customs authorities
    • Preparation, review and negotiation of licensing agreements
    • Legal advice and opinions regarding the validity and violation of intellectual property rights
    • Preparation, submission and follow-up of trademark, patents and other intellectual and industrial property registrations
    • International trademark research, registration, protection and transfer proceedings
    • Legal advice and representation of clients in all phases of judiciary, penal and administrative proceedings in relation to intellectual property rights

    D. Bankruptcy and Enforcement

    • Collection of disputed receivables and initiation of legal proceedings before national and international courts 
    • Litigation matters related to enforcement law (i.e. complaints, claims, appeals, evacuation) and penal law
    • Representation and legal advice in insolvency proceedings, bankruptcy, postponement of bankruptcy, pre-arrangement of bankruptcy
  • A. Foreign Investments and Investor Visas in the United States

    • Conducting extensive due diligence with respect the planned investment project in the U.S.
    • New commercial entity and business formation, including alternative business structures in the U.S.
    • Acquisitions and dispositions of corporate entities, and joint venture interests as well as real estate in the U.S.
    • Creation and structuring of strategic co-operation and distributorship agreements and networks
    • Compliance with U.S. foreign investment and tax laws as well as regulatory conditions
    • Navigation of U.S. state and federal trade laws as well as import/export policies
    • Immigration planning, including employability, residency, and investor visas in the U.S., assisting with the paperwork, petitions, and visa applications before U.S. authorities
    • Preparation, review and negotiation of any commercial contract and agreement as per U.S. law requirements
    • Legal advice regarding licensing and protection of intellectual property in the U.S.
    • Preparation, review, and submission of documentation regarding the lawful source of funds for the investment project in the U.S.
    • Preparation of our clients for the U.S. Embassy and/or USCIS Interview, when applicable

    B. Project Finance

    • Representation of clients in Investments and Project Financing negotiations
    • Legal consultancy in the financing of PPP projects undertaken through Build-Operate-Transfer, Build-Own-Operate, Transfer of Operation Rights models
    • Pre-examination, qualification and management of the Project in legal aspects, preparation of legal opinions and due diligence reports
    • Legal consultancy in Joint Venture and Consortium arrangements
    • Legal advice in the financial restructuring and collateralisation of the Project
    • Dispute resolution in legal matters related to Project financing proceedings

    C. Banking and Finance

    • Acquisition financing
    • Corporate finance
    • Project finance
    • Capital markets
    • Business finance 
    • Securitisation proceedings 
    • Restructured financing proceedings   
    • Legal advice in the incorporation and registration of banks, financial institutions, investment funds and other financial markets and asset management companies

    D. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Law

    • Preparation, review and negotiation of confidentiality, manufacturing, development, distributorship and other commercial agreements and arrangements in relation to pharmaceuticals law 
    • Legal advice and assistance with the registration and licensing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices before competent authorities
    • Registration of trademarks and patents related to pharmaceutical inventions and findings
    • Litigations related to Industrial Property Law
    • Preparation of commercial agreements relating to the purchase and sale of pharmaceutical raw materials
    • Dispute resolution related to Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals law, settlement of  contractual and administrative disputes and litigations
    • Legal consultancy in PPP projects undertaken in the Healthcare sector

    E. Aviation Law

    • Advising airline companies, airport operators, ground handlers and other aviation operators and organisations on Turkish and International Aviation Law and Regulations
    • Preparation and negotiation of aircraft financing agreements (e.g. debt financings provided by foreign and domestic banks and financial organisations, loan securitisations)
    • Aircraft purchase and sale transactions
    • Operating lease and financial lease of aircrafts
    • Aircraft and other aviation insurance
    • Legal advisory on airline establishment, flight permits
    • Registrations before the Turkish Civil Aviation Directorate
    • Preparation and negotiation of airline, airport and other aviation personnel employment and service agreements
    • Passenger and cargo loss/damage claims and dispute resolution

    F. Real Estate and Construction Law

    • Establishment and management of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
    • FIDIC Agreements
    • Real estate financing
    • Legal Due Diligence of Real Estates to be acquired   
    • Legal advice regarding Environment and Zoning Law related matters
    • Usufruct rights
    • Rental and sale agreement
    • Investment Planning (Hotels, Shopping malls, tourism areas)

    G. Privatisations

    • Obtaining and reviewing of bidding specification and prequalification documents with regard to privatisation tenders
    • Providing a legal framework for privatisation applications and proceedings
    • Legal due diligence and legal risk assessment of assets and businesses to be acquired by privatisation   
    • Legal consultancy and representation of clients in privatisation tenders
    • Management of relations with public authorities

    H. Energy and Natural Resources Law

    • Legal assistance with the licensing of energy projects, settlement of disputes arising from the licensing process
    • Legal consultancy in privatisation, nationalisation, land allocation proceedings regarding energy and natural resources projects
    • Legal consultancy and representation in the negotiation of project financing matters
    • Legal Due Diligence of energy and natural resources projects
    • Legal consultancy with regards to investment incentives and state support programmes
    • Preparation and negotiation of equipment supply, installation, transport, construction and sale agreements
    • Dispute resolution at all phases of the investment and operation process of the project
    • Legal consultancy in cross-border and domestic strategic co-operations, partnerships, share transfer between energy and natural resources companies and domestic and/or international companies
    • Providing regular updates on amendments and legal developments in the legal environment of the energy and natural resources markets and development of new strategies for the clients accordingly

    I. Investment Advisory Services

    Our Law Firm provides investment and market entry advisory services through its sister company, Albars Corporate Finance Consultancy Co.

    • Market researches and analyses across a broad range of industries including FMCG, energy, infrastructure, finance, pharmaceuticals and healthcare sectors
    • Financial modelling and economic calculations
    • Investment planning and strategic location analyses
    • Project Management